Crop Insurance Audit: A Simple Guide To Be Prepared

Typically, a crop insurance audit was performed by the U.S. Risk Management Agency (RMA) on crop insurance claims equal to or exceeding $200,000. In 2021, however, RMA Acting Administrator Richard Flournoy told Red River Farm Network that the RMA is implementing data mining to improve the precision of audits. This likely means that crop insurance […]

What is Crop Insurance? We’re Glad You Asked!

Protecting crops is vital to the livelihood of growers, farmers, and producers throughout the United States. Crop insurance plans are a vital tool for risk management that protects producers from crop loss and revenue fluctuations due to natural disasters. However, if you’re still asking, “what is crop insurance”, this post is for you! What is […]

Prevented Planting? What To Know About Delayed Planting

For growers and producers, risk management is an essential part of success and profitability. Unfortunately, the weather is not always on our side and can derail even the most perfectly laid plans. Weather conditions like heavy rainfall, flooding, and extreme weather conditions can delay or prevent planting by the final planting date. This is an […]

PRF Insurance: Intro To Pasture, Rangeland, Forage Insurance

Herd of cows which can be insured by PRF crop insurance

For producers and farmers, the phrase “saving for a rainy day” is more than a cute saying – it’s an important consideration for protecting their operation from the risks that come with dry weather. Fortunately, a PRF insurance policy provides producers with insurance coverage for increased feed costs, destocking, depopulating, and other activities that may […]