Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

We Help You Manage Risks
To Your Commodities

Whole Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP): A revenue insurance product that provides a safety net for the entire farming operation, protecting against losses in expected revenue. This plan can be coupled with buy-up, underlying MPCI plans for maximized revenue coverage. With some of the highest coverage levels and lowest rates available, a customized WFRP plan from AMS can be the most effective risk management product available today.

Price Flexibility

WFRP allows for the farming operation to establish a price election that more accurately reflects the value of the given commodity

Lending Advantage

WFRP affords lenders a federally backed revenue guarantee for the farming operation. This can make all the difference in a tightening lending environment

Increased Protection

WFRP offers protection from losses in expected revenue due to decreases in yield, market price, and/or quality.

Cost Effective

When compared to traditional crop insurance, customized WFRP plans provide substantial benefits at a cost savings for the farming operation.

A Safety Net For All Commodities On The Farm

Building a successful farming operation requires large investments of your time, energy, and money. We help you protect your commodities with a comprehensive insurance policy that’s customized to your specific situation. When you need protection from the worst, Crop Insurance Services by AMS is here for you!

This insurance plan insures up to $17 million for any farming operation.

Specialty Crops

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Direct Markets

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For over 25 years, our risk management solutions have allowed for our clients to endure in times of natural disaster. We carefully curate insurance solutions to meet your goals and manage risk, today and for the future.


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