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Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

Leveraging the Federal Crop Insurance Program, AMS provides tailored multiple peril crop insurance for California, Arizona, and the west coast farmers, safeguarding against unforeseen agricultural losses.

When Disaster Strikes, We've Got You Covered

Through the Federal Crop Insurance Program (FCIP), Crop Insurance Services by AMS provides multiple peril crop insurance (MPCI), ensuring farmers across California, Arizona, and the west coast are shielded from unforeseen losses. Understanding the unpredictability of west coast farming, AMS offers a suite of tailored solutions to manage risks, from weather anomalies and pests to market dynamics. With an array of coverages and plans, we craft individualized protection, ensuring crops and revenues remain resilient against challenges beyond your control.

Revenue & Yield Insurance

When drought or hail causes a loss to your farm, AMS Insurance helps you preserve your revenue and prepare for low yields. Our grower-focused insurance plans provide you with peace of mind when the unexpected occurs. We provide insurance for events like late planting, lower-than-expected yield, prevented planting, and replanting.

Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Insurance

Calculated using the rainfall index provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NASS) Climate Prediction Center, our PRF plans protect you when your coverage and production levels drop.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

Our WFRP plans protect your commodities with a comprehensive insurance policy that’s customized to your specific situation, protecting your specialty crops, organic crops, livestock, and direct markets.

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For over 28 years, our risk management solutions have allowed for our clients to endure in times of natural disaster. We carefully curate insurance solutions to meet your goals and manage risk, today and for the future.


Our “grower first” mindset begins from within and allows us to deliver a service that goes beyond a policy for the American farmer – which is the hallmark of our company.


Since our only focus is on providing insurance solutions for America’s farmers, ranchers, and supporting ag-related businesses, our team at Crop Insurance Services by AMS has developed an unmatched level of experience, skill, and commitment.

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