6 Benefits You Can Enjoy from Livestock Insurance

Are you growing livestock as part of your living? If so, know that anything can happen that can turn an excellent year into a disaster. Many things can cause your livestock to suffer and die, hurting your income as a result.

Now, while there isn’t much you can do to avoid sudden disasters, one thing you can do is get your livestock insured. 

Here are the benefits that livestock insurance can offer you:

1. Protects Your Farm and Animals

The most obvious benefit of a good livestock insurance policy is that it can help you protect your farm and animals. If you get a fire or if your livestock starts getting ill, your livestock insurance can help you rebuild and help you buy new livestock to replace the ones that died.

2. Save You Money

You’ll also realize that a good livestock insurance policy can help and save you money, too. If you get lightning or fire, for instance, and the insurance company pays for the losses, you won’t have to fork out all that money from your own pocket. Meaning if you get an excellent policy and you’re able to pay for it out of pocket one year, you might not have to pay for it for several years or even ever again. Isn’t that a wonderful feeling?

3. Helps your Livestock Survive a Disaster

Your livestock insurance can also protect you and the livestock in other ways. For instance, if you get a severe storm, your insurance can help buy you the supplies you need to protect your livestock from wild animals and other things that can damage your property.

4. Covers Animal Mortality

One of the biggest benefits of getting a livestock insurance policy is that if you get sick and your livestock start dying off, you can sometimes get money to replace them. Even if you don’t get money for it, you can go out and buy new livestock without having to worry about the cost of doing so.

5. Protection From Liability

You may not realize it, but many states have strict laws regarding the liability of cows and other livestock that go beyond your fence. For instance, if you get a neighbor with a grazing lease, and one of your animals hurts someone or does damage, some states will hold you liable for it. In order to cover this, you should consider getting a liability insurance policy.

6. Eliminates Costly Lawsuits

Another benefit of getting an insurance policy for your animals is that it can help you eliminate the possibility of costly lawsuits. For example, if your livestock damages the property of your neighbor, you may be sued for it. If you’re able to get an excellent livestock insurance policy to cover the damage, you won’t have to worry about the lawsuit.


While livestock insurance is not a requirement, as it’s entirely possible to run a profitable farm without it, it can be incredibly helpful if you want to buy a little extra protection. Remember, the best livestock insurance policy is the one that you pay for out of pocket and never have to use. As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! So, if you don’t have livestock insurance, get one today!

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