Yield or Revenue: Which Crop Insurance Protection Do You Need?

Crop Insurance

Two choices are frequently mentioned when discussing ways to ensure commodities like maize, soybeans, and wheat: yield protection (YP) and revenue protection (RP). We’re breaking them down to help you choose the best crop insurance option for your farm. Yield Protection Crop Insurance: What is it? YP ensures the quantity of grain produced. You would […]

Planting Growth: The Role and Benefits of Agriculture

wheat field

In order to sustain the ever-growing population, it is necessary to produce an increasing amount of food. Agriculture is the process of growing plants and raising animals for food, clothing, and other products. It is also one of the oldest human endeavors and is essential to the global economy. If you want to learn more […]

Troubleshooting When High Costs Lead to Low Profitability


Farmers are facing unprecedented input prices and have no relief in sight. To make matters worse, agriculture prices are predicted to fall. How can you maximize the claims your agriculture insurance policy will pay and reduce costs?  Farmers can purchase agriculture insurance to protect their financial losses if their crops fail, but that is not […]

Common Crop Insurance Mistakes That Can Affect Claims


Crop insurance is funded by the federal government, and you must follow the requirements and deadlines of your policy in order to receive your claim money when you need it the most. The following blog post will focus on the most common mistakes. Common Crop Insurance Mistakes That Can Affect Claims 1 – No Signature […]

Crop Insurance: What is It, Who Needs It, and Why?


The agricultural sector is no different from any other industry in terms of insurance needs. Like other businesses, the agricultural sector faces very real risk factors that can significantly impact their business and the bottom line. This is where crop insurance comes in. It’s basically every farmer’s most potent defense against risk and the best […]

Crop Insurance 101: How to Get the Best Insurance Coverage


Farmers battle with natural disasters and other elements just to bring their crops to harvest. To protect them, their hard work, and their financial investment, it’s crucial that they have insurance coverage. If you are a farm owner or manager, here are some things you must know to help you get the best insurance coverage […]

Crop Insurance: Peace of Mind for Farmers and Growers


A common practice among large growing operations is “self-insuring” for the upcoming season by drawing from their money from selling their crops last season. However, it may be challenging for smaller growers to cover their losses by self-insuring. They might not be able to handle a huge blow to crop turnout because they might not […]

Which Crops Are Insurable and Which are Not? What to Know


Farmers count on crop insurance to help cover losses. Bad weather, drought, and insect damage can devastate your business, but crop insurance can help mitigate that damage. Finding out what you can to ensure early is the key. This blog post will shed light on insurable crops. Which Crops Are Insurable and Which are Not? […]

Everything You Need to Know about Crop Insurance for Farmers


Farmers and their families depend on crops for their income. A bad crop can have severe financial consequences to them. If crop yield is affected, it means that the family may lack food, and livestock may lack feed. This may also mean that the farmer may have to borrow money in order to get by.  […]

What You Need to Know About Farm Insurance Coverage


There are different types of insurance you can get. The most common ones include life insurance and house insurance. But if you own a farm, you also have the option to get farm insurance to protect your farm property. What Is Farm Insurance? Farm insurance is a kind of insurance that covers the property and […]