Planting Growth: The Role and Benefits of Agriculture

In order to sustain the ever-growing population, it is necessary to produce an increasing amount of food. Agriculture is the process of growing plants and raising animals for food, clothing, and other products. It is also one of the oldest human endeavors and is essential to the global economy.

If you want to learn more about its role and benefits to our economy, look no further than our pointers below.

1. Production of Animal Feed

Some fruits and vegetables are grown specifically to provide food for animals rather than humans. This food is usually given to animals that are kept for purposes such as farming or hunting. The American Industry Feed Association reports that approximately 900 animal feed ingredients are approved by law in the United States. These ingredients include but are not limited to those that come from agricultural production, such as hay, straw, oils, etc.

2. Production of Biofuels

The EPA reports that biofuels have a number of economic benefits, including reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants. They also have the potential to increase incomes for farmers. However, biodiesel production requires the use of land and water resources, which can affect food costs.

3. Production of Cotton for Clothing

Cotton is grown and harvested from fields. The cotton is then processed and spun into thread. This thread is then woven into a fabric, which is then used to make clothing. Cotton is a popular natural fiber for clothing and other textile products. It is grown in many countries around the world, and its production significantly impacts the global economy.

4. Creating a Strong Supply Chain

The global supply chain for agricultural products can be disrupted by delays in shipping goods from one port to another. For example, delays in shipping agricultural products from Los Angeles to China can create problems for Chinese consumers who rely on these products.

5. Encouraging Economic Development

Agriculture plays a role in global trade by providing goods and services that other sectors of the economy need. It supports job creation and encourages economic development, which benefits the agricultural sector and the economy.

There is a strong relationship between a country’s agricultural productivity and its per capita income. Countries with higher agricultural productivity growth rates also tend to have higher per capita incomes. This is because farmers and agricultural producers in these countries are constantly innovating and adopting new technologies.

6. Production of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables provide humans with important nutrients like fiber, protein, and carbohydrates. They also contain vitamins and minerals that are essential for good health. Not only are they good for you, but they also add variety and flavor to your diet.

7. Production of Industrial Products

Bio-based chemistry refers to the use of biomass-derived materials to create industrial products. This can include anything from bioplastics and plant oils to inks, dyes, and detergents. Because bio-based products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to those made from petroleum, they are considered a type of green chemistry.

8. Production of Natural Rubber

There are over 1.4 billion vehicles in the world, each one running on rubber tires. The top rubber-producing countries are Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, representing approximately 70% of global natural rubber production. Most suppliers are small-scale farmers.

9. Providing Raw Materials

Raw materials are the basic components that are used to create other products. They can be either agricultural or non-agricultural, but they are essential for manufacturing and other industries. With raw materials, manufacturers can create products for consumers.


Overall, agriculture plays a vital role in the growth and development of any country. It provides the necessary food and raw materials for industries and creates employment opportunities for the people. Thus, agricultural products are also used for export, and this helps to boost the economy of every nation.

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