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AMS Insurance

Peace Of Mind When The Skies Are Dry


When you depend on your crop or livestock for your livelihood, a lack of rain means lost revenue. At AMS Insurance, we help you manage risk by designing a Pasture, Rangeland, and Forage insurance plan that provides you with peace of mind when rainfall is scarce. Our plans provide you with protection against declines in precipitation, helping you account for forage losses and increased costs for feed, destocking, and similar actions. Whether your farm is big or small, we have a plan for you!

Our Plans Keep You Covered

Our premiums and indemnities are customized according to your coverage and production levels. Loss determinations and indemnity triggers are calculated using the rainfall index model that is collected and maintained by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center.

Covered Commodities







Productivity Factors


AMS Insurance


For over 25 years, our risk management solutions have allowed for our clients to endure in times of natural disaster. We carefully curate insurance solutions to meet your goals and manage risk, today and for the future.

AMS Insurance


Our “grower first” mindset begins from within and allows us to deliver a service that goes beyond a policy for the American farmer – which is the hallmark of our company.

AMS Insurance


Since our only focus is on providing insurance solutions for America’s farmers, ranchers, and supporting ag-related businesses, our team at AMS Insurance has developed an unmatched level of experience, skill, and commitment.

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